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[linux-lvm] Snapshots with Debian 2.4.26

Right. I'm off breaking all the rules here. Here's what I have:

Debian backport of 2.4.26 (only change was adding 64G support)
Debian stable (1.0.4 it says)

I want to use snapshots for backing up oracle, but here's what I have:

cliff:~# lvcreate -l1 -s -n oracle_control_1_snap /dev/vg00/oracle_control_1
lvcreate -- INFO: using default snapshot chunk size of 64 KB for "/dev/vg00/oracle_control_1_snap"
lvcreate -- doing automatic backup of "vg00"
lvcreate -- logical volume "/dev/vg00/oracle_control_1_snap" successfully created

cliff:~# mount /dev/vg00/oracle_control_1_snap /snapshot/oracle/
mount: block device /dev/vg00/oracle_control_1_snap is write-protected, mounting read-only
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/vg00/oracle_control_1_snap,
or too many mounted file systems

(The size of the lv that I'm doing a snapshot of is 1 64M extent, so doing a 1 extent in size should be enough, yes?)

My understanding is that this is a result of the VFS patch not being applied. But there doesn't seem to be a VFS patch for 2.4.26.

Any ideas? I can provide whatever additional information you need, but this is really strange.


Mark Komarinski				mkomarinski hms harvard edu
Sr. Linux/UNIX System Administrator	http://wqcg.med.harvard.edu
West Quad Computing Group
Harvard Medical School

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