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Re: [linux-lvm] Re: What if a drive dies ?

Ahh I made a major typo .... it's a linear setup, not a striped one.

You mentioned anyway that a recovery would be somewhat possible.
I'm using ext3 journaling fs on my LV. Would I be able to mount this
LV if one PV died, meaning I would see all data except the part that
was lost with that drive or would I need to do anything special to make
the LV mountable again ?


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Subject: [linux-lvm] Re: What if a drive dies ?

> "Perplexer" <perplexer thz net> writes:
> > Hello.
> >
> > I'm sorry if I ask something that's be asked a million times before but I
> > prefer answers to my specific questions. I hope someone will try to help.
> >
> > I have a VG with several differently sized PVs and one LV. It is working
> > fine but I am affraid that one day one of the drives would fail.
> It happened to me.
> > I'd like to know what I'll be looking at when that happens. What if
> > one drive would fail in that VG ? Can I remove it and 'repair' the
> > VG/LV to run on with one drive less
> LVM2 can run readonly with some drives missing.
> > (data is written in striped mode).
> That lowers your odds considerably.  I wouldn't count on recovering
> anything at all.
> > That would mean I got my VG/LV back on-line but the data that was on
> > the bad disk would be missing (a small price to pay actually). Would
> > I need to resize the filesystem again with some tool or anything
> > special ?
> If you didn't run in striped mode you'd probably be able to recover
> most of the data from the remaining disks, the exact results would
> depend on the filesystem used and which part of it was lost.  However,
> in striped mode you'll lose fragments all over the place.  Recovering
> from that is more or less impossible.
> If your data is precious, use RAID1 or RAID5 and make regular backups.
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