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[linux-lvm] lvm2 performance data with linux-2.6

I've started collecting various data (including oprofile) using our
DBT-2 (OLTP) workload with lvm2 on linux 2.6.2 and 2.6.3 on ia32 and
ia64 platforms:

So far I've only varied the stripe width with lvm, from 8 KB to 512 KB,
for PostgreSQL that is using 8 KB sized blocks with ext2.  It appears
that a stripe width of 16 KB through 128KB on the ia64 system gives the
best throughput for the DBT-2 workload on a volume that should be doing
mostly sequential writes.

I'm going to run through more tests varying the block size that
PostgreSQL uses, but I wanted to share what I had so far in case there
were other suggestions or recommendations.

Mark Wong - - markw osdl org
Open Source Development Lab Inc - A non-profit corporation
12725 SW Millikan Way - Suite 400 - Beaverton, OR 97005
(503) 626-2455 x 32 (office)
(503) 626-2436      (fax)

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