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[linux-lvm] accessing devfs vg on non-devfs system

Hi all,

this looked like a FAQ to me, but apparently it's not. (neither google,
a manual search of the archive on redhat.com (the automatic search is
still down) nor in my personal archive revieled anything).

I've a disk, that used to be in a devfs enabled 2.4.20 (or so) with LVM
1.0.x (some small number). The disk has one partition (/dev/sda6) that
used to be the on and only PV of a VG. The new box is running 2.4.23
with LVM 1.0.8 without devfs.

Unfortunately the VG was not exported on the original box (which does not
exist anymore). But pvdisplay looks very ok.

My question how do i get to the VG? vgscan does not detect anything,
vgimport does not touch the PV (it's not exported), vgcreate complains
the PV is not unused.

Any pointers welcome.
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