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Re: [linux-lvm] unknown ioctl problems

Jason Parker-Burlingham wrote:

I'm running LVM (version 1 with 1.0.7 tools) on a 2.4 system
(2.4.24-pre1, recently upgraded to 2.4.25-pre4). When the initrd
boots (/ is an LVM filesystem, /boot is a standard block device) I see

lvm -- lvm_blk_ioctl: unknown cmd 0x5310

which I guess is something to do with mounting the ramdisk.

But at other times I have noticed that the machine will lock up; I'm
not sure if it's a hardware problem but lately it seems to be related
to disk activity.  I turned off screen blanking before the most recent
crash and saw no kernel oops, but a couple of repetitions of

lvm -- lvm_blk_ioctl: unknown cmd 0x801c6d02

Is it possible that this is some sort of reasonable ioctl?  Is it
possible that this is what's crashing the machine?  How can I find out
what the system is trying do (and maybe even why)?  I don't see any
reports of exactly this problem through google, so I'm pretty lost.


I have just seen your latter problem. I am running Debian unstable (as of late Feb) and building Kernel 2.4.24. I use debian's make-kpg, when doing dpkg -i I get the above error. Because I had not yet installed the matching modules package (for i2c) I get some unresolved symbols. The lockup seems to occur during or just after the depmod. I'm still looking into it...


Simeon Walker,                      email: simeon sbs bangor ac uk
School of Biological Sciences,      phone: +44 (0)1248 383702
University of Wales, Bangor,        fax: +44 (0)1248 382569
Gwynedd, LL57 2UW, UK.              www: http://biology.bangor.ac.uk/

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