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Re: [linux-lvm] Patch for Miguel Cabeca's lvm2create_initrd script

On Wed, 2004-03-10 at 20:21, Jeff Layton wrote:
> Ok -- I think I have it now (for real this time :-). I've overhauled the
> mechanism for cleaning up device entries:
> 1) we first remove /rootvol/dev/mapper
> 2) mknod a /rootvol/dev/mapper/control device file
> 3) chroot to /rootvol, mount /proc, run /sbin/vgmknodes, and umount
> /proc
> This should make all the correct device entries and vg symlinks under
> /dev, and should allow the initrd images to cope with the renumbering of
> major/minor numbers, as I've found sometimes happens on kernel upgrades.
> Attached is a patch to Miguel's original script. The current one is
> available from:
> http://poochiereds.net/svn/lvm2create_initrd
> As always, comments and/or patches are welcome.

Alas, I think I've solved this problem in the wrong place. The real
problem is that the LVM startup script on Debian that runs prior to the
mountall script doesn't add the --mknodes flag when it runs vgscan.

I think that's the correct place to have it fix the device entries. I'm
working with the maintainer of the lvm-common debian package now to see
if we can get the fix rolled into their package.

So the only change that should be needed to Miguel's script is to add
/initrd entries to the PATH.


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