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[linux-lvm] Re: linux-2.4.25, LVM-1.0.8 and VFS-lock.patch

To answer my own question so that others don't have to do so much testing
and to ask for feedback if any experts think I'm storing up trouble!
I have compiled a custom kernel which "works-for-me".

On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, R.A.Owen wrote:
> Should I still add the lvm-1.0.8 patch to linux-2.4.25 of is the code in
> linux-2.4.25 more uptodate than the lvm-1.0.8 patch ?

I took the _debian_ kernel source for linux-2.4.25 and patched it with
lvm-1.0.8 (again from debian  source package). (applied with offsets)

> Also is there an official VFS-lock patch for linux-2.4.25 or do I just
> have to force the VFS-lock-2.4.20 (from lvm-1.0.8) to fit?

lvm-1.0.8 only has VFS-lock patches for kernels upto linux-2.4.20.
device-mapper (ftp://sources.redhat.com/pub/dm/device-mapper.1.00.08.tgz)
also has VFS-lock patches which seem to be based on the lvm ones but for
later kernels, eg: linux-2.4.22-VFS-lock.patch .

This device mapper linux-2.4.22-VFS-lock.patch includes a HUNK for
patching $LINUX/drivers/md/dm-snapshot.c but that file does not exist in a
stock linux-2.4.25 kernel. So I touched the file so that the patch would
apply. (I'm not using device mapper so I don't care about dm-snapshot.c )

I did:
 cd $LINUX
 [ -f drivers/md/dm-snapshot.c ] || touch drivers/md/dm-snapshot.c
 patch -p1 </path/to/devicemapper/patches/linux-2.4.22-VFS-lock.patch

I then built the kernel and snapshots seem to work.

I rebuilt the VFS-lock.patch without the dm-snapshot.c HUNK, and could
post it, but it is against debain kernel sources not the linus tree so
I won't bother unless anyone asks!

Alex Owen

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