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Re: [linux-lvm] snapshots and 2.6 kernel

Getting the volume active is a pain I found that you have to reboot the system and when it comes back you need to create a link your volume group directory for the snapshot you create, atleast after the reboot the snapshot device showup in /dev/mapper which is a start right.

link it into your VG device home directory and then you can remove the snapshot, once you got the snapshot out of the way you can run lvchange -a y <lvname> to bring your original LV back online.

Hope this makes sense.

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i understand from numerous posts on this list and many others that
snapshots in the 2.6 kernel is not yet supported.

the lvm commands allow you to create the snapshot but do nothing with
it. even worse, i am unable to remove the snapshot or get the original
logical volume active.

is there any progress in the 2.6 kernel supporting snapshots?

is there any way to know if the snapshot will be valid before creating
the snapshot (other than 'uname -r')?

which is the culprit: device-mapper, lvm?

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