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Re: [linux-lvm] 2.6 upgrade - LVM version ? & root partition access problems...

AJ Lewis alewis-at-redhat.com |Lists| wrote:
Someone made a new initrd creation script and posted it here:
I can't guarentee it'll work, but i've heard good things about it.  Use it
against the 2.6.5 kernel you compiled.

Well, I did finally did get it to work. Quite a strenuous road, though. For others that may google later, here are some of the things I ran into, and their solutions:

1) There was no console. The script created /dev/consoleonly, but I had & needed /dev/console.

2) "No space left on device" The initrd ran out of inodes during creation. Presumably because MKDEV on my system creates very, very many items for /dev (2601 /dev/tty* and 1728 /dev/sd* for instance)

3) MKDEV takes a -d option on my RH9 system telling it where to put the files. Instead, the script cd-ed to the directory and expected them to be put in ./

4) fsck.ext3 failed during boot. I discovered that adding " fastboot" as a parameter to the kernel allowed me to get past that point and still end up in a 2.6.5 kernel, so I could run "lvm vgmknodes" that apparently created what I needed, so that I could get past the fsck hurdle, even without " fastboot". (Took me a while to figure *that* one out! :-D)

I've created a new version (incl. svn diff) of the script here:



Peter Valdemar Mørch

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