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Re: [linux-lvm] 2.6 upgrade - LVM version ? & root partition access problems...

AJ Lewis alewis-at-redhat.com |Lists| wrote:
Bah - I guess I should have pointed you at the fedora mkinitrd - it might
have saved you the hassle.  :(

is the current version AFAIK.  I think this will work better with RH9
systems than the other one (which was originally built around debian)

Possibly. I can't get it to work with either 2.6.5 or my 2.4 image, though:

valde peter:~> rpm -q mkinitrd
valde peter:~> sudo mkinitrd ost.img 2.6.5
No module raid1 found for kernel 2.6.5, aborting.
valde peter:~> sudo mkinitrd ost.img 2.4.20-20.9custom
pvscan -- LVM driver/module not loaded?

(While I'm running in a 2.6 kernel. module raid1 is not not found for 2.6.5 because I've built it into the kernel now. I can't be bothered to test it as a module at this point)

I've created a new version (incl. svn diff) of the script here:

Wups, what happened with the extra 'w' (4 in all)? It does work, though...

K - so if the fedora mkinitrd doesn't work for people using RH9, they can
try that one. :)  Thanks!

To make as few changes as possible, RH9 users will have to edit it and uncomment these lines


and run it with the -d option, such as in
# lvm2create_initrd.sh -d 2.6.5

Also, I forgot to mention something weird. If I attempt to boot my old 2.4 kernel, fsck complains. Booting with kernel option " fastboot" gets me past the fsck point, all the way to the final login screen. However, in the 2.4 kernel, I no longer have keyboard or mouse support. But I can ssh into it from outside. Rebooting again into 2.6 also stops at fsck, so the " fastboot" is required *again*. When running in 2.6, I then run "lvm vgmknodes" and then it can boot in 2.6 fsck and all - no problemo. But it seems I've passed the point of no-return-to-2.4.



Peter Valdemar Mørch

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