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Re: [linux-lvm] [PATCH] crypto for LVM2

On Mon, 2004-05-03 19:20:20 -0400, Ben Slusky <sluskyb paranoiacs org>
wrote in message <20040503232018 GD7384 fukurou paranoiacs org>:
> I'd like to submit for discussion this patch (against version 2.00.08),
> which adds the ability to create and manipulate encrypted volumes, using
> the dm-crypt target that was merged into kernel 2.6.4.

I'm basically running this (md devices as PVs, which form one VG, which
contains a number of LVs).

Most of the LVs are encrypted using dm-crypt. It's easy - I've just
written a small script to to the dmsetup stuff and mount the newly
available (encrypted) LVs. This way, the box boots up fine and is
useable. If I want to make those additional (encrypted) LVs available, I
may just call that script and supply the password.

So I don't think it's really neccessary to place this functionality into
the lvm2 tools; especially, this could possibly block the boot-up
process (that's bad on a box which has a dozen unencrypted volumes which
would already work fine)...


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