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[linux-lvm] root restore onto a logical volume



I’ve posted to various newsgroups, combed through FAQ’s, and can’t find an answer to my problem. 


I have my root “/” on a logical volume /dev/Volume00/RootVol, which is in turn mounted on a software RAID-5 volume, /dev/md1.  I wanted to test my crash recovery, i.e. see if my backups were working.  So rather than test it on my working system, I decided to create a new logical volume, /dev/Volume00/TestRoot.  I did the following:


  1. Boot from cd to shell
  2. Manually start my raid volumes via raidstart
  3. Manually activate my logical volumes via pvscan, vgscan, lvscan, lvchange.
  4. Create a new logical volume, /dev/Volume00/TempRoot.
  5. Mount /dev/Volume00/TempRoot
  6. Restore from tape to TempRoot
  7. Change /tmp/TempRoot/etc/fstab to reflect new root location “/dev/Volume00/TempRoot” instead of /dev/Volume00/RootVol
  8. Create a test entry in /tmp/TempRoot/etc/lilo.conf with the new root location “/dev/Volume00/TempRoot” and run lilo.
  9. Reboot


When my kernel gets to the point where it need to access “/” I get an error, “cannot mount /dev/Volume00/TempRoot, bad superblock, try e2fsck –b 8193, etc. etc. etc.”.  When it dumps me to a shell and I run “vgscan” I get “no volumes found” yet, when I run “pvscan” it lists one volume found “Volume00” on /dev/md1.


Did I miss something in my restore?  Do I need to restore a configuration of some sort?  I have read through the manpages on vgcfgbackup and vgcfgrestore and believe that these write out configurations to the physical volumes.  As I can boot my old root (or boot from cd) and both see and mount /dev/Volume00/TempVol I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with my volume group configuration on the disks…


Sorry to ask such a question, but as I said I’ve looked and looked and looked for answers elsewhere to no avail.


Any answer greatly appreciated.





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