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Re: [linux-lvm] Software RAID 5 Resizing and LVM

For those googling this thread, can I also suggest looking at EVMS.

I'm in the same situation and it appears that EVMS now have an md raid 5 grow facility that manages this up through an 'lvresize' operation and into a xfs_growfs.

I have a 5x250Gb raid5 with lvm2 - I want to grow to 6x250Gb.

Seems neat and doesn't have the 'may eat your babies' threats of raidreconf.

I've not tried it yet so YMMV.

PS I'm LVM2 too

Adam K-F wrote:

Thanks Jon,

What I was trying to achieve was a a single, really big raid drive that
I could _easily_ expand later on down the track.  It only needs to have
the single filesystem on it (i'm going to use reiserfs) which has to be
resizable (using resize_reiserfs).

So yeah, I ended figuring out what i actally needed to do in the end,
after playing with LVM, which incidently was a bit of fun :)  I've found
an application for it for my other file server. As they say, all's well
that ends well :)



I asked pretty much that exact question on Monday! :)  The only difference
was that mine is a hardware RAID.  Someone replied with a possible
workaround if you're using LVM2, but if you're using LVM1 like me, and you
pvcreate'd your PV across the entire disk like me, then you're screwed like
me. :(

If you partitioned the logical disk and pvcreate'd a partition, then you
should be able to create a new partition on the newly-available space, then
pvcreate a second PV and add it into the VG.  The wonders of 20/20


Jon Etkins
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fax: (512) 329-5625

linux-lvm-bounces redhat com wrote on 11/16/2004 05:29:54 PM:

I've been playing around with adding disks to a software RAID 5 array,

and it

works fine. However, i have LVM running over the top of that and i can't
figure out how to enlarge the Phisical Volume to encompass the newly


capacity on the raid device. Has anyone achieved this at all?

Am I barking up the wrong tree here? If so, how would you go about
adding drives
to a software RAID 5 device, and actually adding the new space to
the filesystem
inside the RAID device?

Thanks in advance


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