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[linux-lvm] FC2, LVM2 and x86_64


I am a happy new user of FC2 (x86_64 version) and LVM2 on an AMD64 SOHO server. Unfortunately, I do have a problem that was revealed when I added a second hard drive to my LVM2 managed root partition. With the new hard drive (which smartd claims is working fine), I get what looks like a kernel panic. Even though I do not have any experience instrumenting a Linux system, it appears that my mail server, CommuniGate Pro, is triggering the panic. My discussions with the vendor lead me to believe that, while their code drives the system hard, it is not the root cause of the panic. I have been able to get the system to stabilize by downgrading my kernel to 2.6.5-1.358 and running the 32 bit version of CommuniGate Pro and not the 64 bit version. When running the 64 bit version of CommuniGate Pro, panics generally occur within 12 to 18 hours after startup. Hence, I would be happy to follow advice on how to instrument this system to find out what is going on. I suspect LVM2 because the problem showed up when I added a second physical volume to the LVM2 managed root partition.

Any thoughts/advice on what I can do to narrow this down?


Andrew W. Donoho
awd DDG com, PGP Key ID: 0x81D0F250
+1 (512) 453-6652 (o), +1 (512) 750-7596 (m)

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