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[linux-lvm] Logical volume recover dilemma

OOOPS! That's what I said the other day when I realized what I had just done. I was getting ready to install linux on a hard drive that had previously been used as one disk in a two disk logical volume on a Fedora core 2 server.

I logged in and deleted everything from the filesystem on the volume (ext3) that I didn't need to save. There was a lot of data that DID need to be kept however. I started at / and started deleting away. rm -rf /bin /etc /var /home ........etc

What I didn't realize was that LVM obviously makes use of some important files on it's resident filesystem in order to keep track of itself. In all my deleting I must have deleted these files, because now I can't get any kind of rescue disk or partitioning software like partition magic to find the volume again.

How can I get that precious data back? How can I mount that volume?

Tommy Butler

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