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Re: [linux-lvm] Creating snapshot on / hangs machine

On Oct 14, 2004, at 11:31, Kai Leibrandt wrote:
As soon as I create a snapshot on / however, the machine hangs, although X still works (well, the mouse still moves), it is no longer possible to open a new shell, switch consoles, or even <CTRL>C the lvcreate.

I have tried this with ext2 as well as with xfs, including doing xfs_freeze before taking the snapshot, so I don't think it's a filesys related matter.

Is there anything I am missing here? Is it even supported to do / snapshots?


I reported a similar problem starting with my root partition when I added a second drive. After a bit of skullduggery, I believe that LVM activities on the root partition particularly stress the memory system. Or, at least, when I slowed the memory system down on my x86-64 machine, I no longer get crashes like you describe above.

What convinced me that this might be a problem was when I tried compiling a kernel to turn on preemptive scheduling and gcc quit about halfway through. The build system listed a comment that when gcc quits there is probably a memory problem. After I slowed down the memory system, I was able to do a continuous "clean and compile" over night with a 3.0+ load average. I have not had any other crashes since then.


P.S. I just made these changes two days ago. I was just beginning to feel comfortable with my newfound stability. I hope this helps you.

Andrew W. Donoho
awd DDG com, PGP Key ID: 0x81D0F250
+1 (512) 453-6652 (o), +1 (512) 750-7596 (m)

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