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Re: [linux-lvm] Hello. About a bug in lvm2

Le 21.09.2004 17:46:55, Sebastian Hyrwall a écrit :

Im not sure but i may have found a bug in the lvm2 userspace-tools. Im using gentoo right now and right now
lvm2 cant "see" some harddrives.

I first discovered the problem when i changed from 2.4 -> 2.6. In 2.6 it didnt find all my discs. Later on i saw that when i did
"pvcreate /dev/hdd1" (tried the devfs-link also /dev/ide/....) it reported that the device couldnt be found.
There isnt anything wrong with the hd or anything. It shows up in cfdisk/fdisk and i can use it as a normal hd (not in an lvm).

This occurs for 2 of my disks. hde and hdd. I cant find any difference between them and the other drives. They are all the same size.

Unfortunently i cant provide any more information because i didnt think about mailing this to you until after i went back to 2.4.

Do you have configured properly your kernel for lvm support? Do you have lvm2 package(s)? Did you setup properly your /etc/lvm/lvm.conf?



Sincerely, Sebastian Hyrwall

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