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[linux-lvm] Lost all info in a file server because of LVM - HEEEELP ME, please


I'm totally desperated.

I have this file server with a total of about 200 GB of my user's files.

The server has "3 in 1" discs, using LVM.

Somehow, i don't know why, the LVM info is gone and i cannot access my file system.

I had in LVM:

sda1 -> /boot
sda2 -> /
sda3 -> /home (expanding to sdb and sdc and where all the Samba shares resides).
sda4 -> swap



The machine now starts with a single partition ( / ) mounted on /dev/root

From there i can manually mount under /mnt, partitions "/boot", "/", but NOT "/home".
Trying to mount /home, i always get the busy error.
I cannot unmount the "/" on /dev/root, obviously.

How can i (if possible) restore the LVM info ?

I have a backup from last Sunday, so, it's really not a life or death case, but nevertheless it is a real annoiance, and the server is already down for 24 hours :(

If it a lost case, how can i at least mount /home so that the changes made since the backup until today can be transferred to another machine, while i reinstall this that one that went bezerk ?

Any help would be apreciated.

Warm Regards,
Mário Gamito

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