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Re: [linux-lvm] How to resize a PV partition

I think the possible ways is:
1. Reduce the filesystem(resize2fs) to some minimal capacity a bit larger than the used size.
2. Do vgcfgbackup. Rename the backup file (for later use)
3. Recreate a smaller partition(larger than the filesystem capacity), and the new non-LVM
regular partition next to it.
4. Recreate an new PV on the partition(pvcreate -ff), and than create a VG with the orignal name.
5. Do vgcfgbackup again, use this PV information of Size and UUID to modify the old backup.
6. Restore LVM with the modified old backup file.

Erik Meitner wrote:

I have a disk partition(type 0x8e) that is the single PV for the VG
where my other partitions reside. I would like to recover the unused PEs
from this PV and use them to create a non-LVM regular parition at the
end of the disk. How do I:
B) move used PEs from the 'end' of the PV so that it can be resized?
A) resize the PV (previous messages suggest vgcfgbackup, edit backup
file, vgcfgrestore)
C) resize the type 0x8e partition?(parted won't do it)


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