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[linux-lvm] Hello and what to do about a failed pvmove?

We've had a hardware problem necessitating pvmove-ing a large number of PVs to a new PV device, teh old PV device has some uncorrectable sectors, during a block of pvmove-es we hit one of these causing pvmove to fail....now we've got (according to pvdisplay) duplicate LE's associated with the (dead/dieing) PV such that pvdisplay on the destination device shows the PV extent/LE moved, but the original/source PV shows it still there as well. lvdisplay shows the destination PV as being the 'current' PV in all cases as far as I can tell (which means the kernel is using these?)

My question is...now pvmove reports the below error and the source (dead/dieing) PV still displays the LEs in it's output...how do I clear this up? basically I had pvmove fail on some impossible reads and now I need to clean up after it...

Any hints/suggestions/etc?

pvmove -- ERROR "Invalid argument" remapping
pvmove -- ERROR "pv_move(): LE of LV remap" moving physical extents

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