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Re: [linux-lvm] Moving space between logical volumes?

Hi Howard

Your start point is "man lvreduce". Depending of the filesystem type
you're using you would have to find out how to resize the FS _before_
using lvreduce/lvextend. Depending on the FS type it may or may not be
possible to do it on a mounted FS. In worst case a boot from Rescue-CD
would be necessary == down-time.

You will have to do this:

	 resize (decrease size of) the file system on the huge_lvol
	 lvreduce huge_lvol
	 lvextend tight_lvol
	 resize (increase size of) the file system on the tight_lvol

LVols resizing was I think the first and most important motivation to
write LVM.
Good luck.


On Wed, Aug 31, 2005 at 02:56:40PM -0500, Meadows, Howard T wrote:
> I have a volume group with 4 logical volumes. One of the logical volumes has
> a huge amount of space allocated to it, and another is running out of its
> space.
> I am assuming there is a way to re-allocate space from the one with lots of
> space to the one that is running out. I am nervous about using losing data
> with a reduce-extend combination of commands. Can someone who has done this
> explain exactly how this is done (safely)?
> Thanks,
> -Howard
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