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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM problems

Hi again,

Forgot to add details:

PC: dual PII/350mhz (p/pro overdrive), 512mb ram, SCSI LVD 80mb/s.

The VG is across 3 36gb scsi drives attached to an adaptect 2940U2W card.

I'm running kernel version 2.4.27 (2.6 doesn't seem to like this system).

I noticed from the dmesg output the following:

device-mapper: one of name or uuid must be supplied, cmd(11)

This appears when the previously mentioned command is run.

I've no idea what this means or if it isa case of a re-install of the base system might fix this? maybe something with the
base system has gone a bit fubar?

any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

If it comes ot it that I lose the data and have to format and star the LVM VG over again it won't be ideal but it won't
be losing anything vital either (just video files, etc).

fn:Miss Kelly Harding
email;internet:kelly harding ntlworld com

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