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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM onFly features

--On December 10, 2005 9:22:32 PM +0100 Marc-Jano Knopp <pub_ml_lvm marc-jano de> wrote:

Thanks for the detailled explanation!

I try not to say something without actual experience and technical details to back it up. :)

Yes, I would *love* to use a totally new file system with a new,
dynamic, good design, but - just as many others - had my experiences
with ReiserFS and it will take a *lot* of time for ReiserFS to restore
confidence. So for now, I'll probably stay with ext3, with which I had
no problems so far.

JFS/XFS should also both be capable of growing, XFS of online-growth,

XFS has terrible unpredictable performance in production. Also it has very bad behavior when recovering from crashes, often times it's tools totally fail to clean the filesystem. It also needs larger kernel stacks because of some of the really deep call trees, so when you use it with LVM or MD it can oops unless you use the larger kernel stacks. We also have had problems with the quota system but the details on that have faded.

I've had far better reliability and performance out of ReiserFS in production (late 2.4 series... 2.4.20+, currently 2.4.25, with some patches on most of our larger systems) than XFS. I've not had any close experience with JFS.

XFS is also very biased towards streaming rather than random I/O performance in our experience.

XFS may be a proven filesystem, but it has not yet been proven in Linux' implementation. That said, all of the filesystems have their own quirks and shortcomings. We had a corruption problem with our CX200 that caused our ReiserFS to lose most of it's tails. Really it was the CX200 (EMC Clariion) fault, but it felt (And still does) at the time that ReiserFS could've or atleast should've been able to save more of the tail data that it lost. It didn't lose any files, just a the tails.



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