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[linux-lvm] LVM corruption on rocketraid 1540 in AMD64 CentOS

I've got a pair of RocketRaid 1540's based on the HPT374 chip. Every time I setup an LVM which includes drives on the RR1540 and reboot, the LVM becomes corrupt. I'm able before reboot to read and write files to my heart's content, but then I reboot and its toast. I was able to reboot fine with LVM partitions on the same box as long as none of the PV's were on the HPT374. My experiments where on an AMD64 machine running CentOS 4 and I'm not sure what to try next. I figured trying FC4 on x86 32-bit hardware should be the next step to see if its an architecture issue. Is this a known issue? Any suggestions for why? Or any suggestions for what to try? I'd really like to get these controllers back in the server they belong in. :)


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