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Re: [linux-lvm] a question about lvm in linux


Le 22.12.2005 14:10:12, alexli a écrit :
Hello ,I am a linux user, because I am a Chinese ,so my English is not
,please forgive me for language mistake. after I used the command
lvextend ,I find that the logical volumn space is changed .but after I
it to the file  system , and use the df command to see the filesystem,
find that the space of the file system is not changed .

I see your mail address in the "man lvextend" , and find that you are
author , so I wonder whether you can help me with this problem.

The adress you have found is the address of a mailing list. sistina has created the lvm system. Now this have moved to redhat et the mailing list adress is linux-lvm redhat com

About your problem, when you want to extend a filsystem which is on a logical volume, you need to:
- expand the logical volume first
- then expand the filesystem itself

lxextend command only extend the logical volume, not the filesystem.

For instance, in case of an xfs filesystem, the command to use is xfs_growfs.

There are command for most of the filesystems. Some have resctrictions : xfs cannot be schrink and must be mounted before expanded.

Thank you

Alex li

Best regards


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