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Re: [linux-lvm] How can I expand a physical volume ?

Massimiliano wrote:
> Hi !
> My first post here !
> I've recently added a fourth Scsi Hard disk to my
> Proliant ML350 configured as follow :
> SmartArray Controller 641 with 3 72Gb Scsi h.disks.(raid5)
> I installed on my Centos 4.2 the HP Array configuration Utility and did
> the following steps:
> 1) Expanded my array
> 2) Expanded my logical Volume
> Everything ok . Now I can see 4 physical drives
> and a new total space increased of 72gb(obviously..)
> The problem is that the operating doesen't seem to recognize the new
> free space .

If by "operating system", you mean that the filesystem isn't any bigger,
then all you need to do is re-size the filesystem (using 'resize2fs') to
take advantage of the new space.

> **********************************
> root mail init.d]# pvdisplay
> --- Physical volume ---
> PV Name /dev/cciss/c0d0p2
> VG Name VolGroup00
> PV Size 135,53 GB / not usable 0

> [root mail init.d]# vgdisplay -v
> Finding all volume groups
> Finding volume group "VolGroup00"
> --- Volume group ---
> VG Name VolGroup00
> Alloc PE / Size 4336 / 135,50 GB
> Free PE / Size 1 / 32,00 MB
So all your PE's are allocated, and I think you're all set to do the
filesystem re-size.  I don't think you want to be messing with pvresize.


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