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Re: [linux-lvm] Mapping between PEs and Logical Volumes - Remapping of PEs in a Volume Group whic is on one PV

Ok i have figured it out that 
lvdisplay -m
command shows the mapping of PEs and Logical Volumes.
and in my case it shows that total PEs are 266 that means from 0 to 265,
allocated are 224 and 42 are free PEs

Logical Volume 0 is from 0 to 191 PEs = 192 PEs
and Logical Volume 1 is from 233 to 264 = 32 PEs 
so total is 224 PEs

and in between these 2 logical volumes 41 PEs(PE# 191 to 232) are free
and 1 PE (PE#265) is free at the end after 2nd logical Volume.
Now i want to be LogVols in VolGroup to be contiguous physically, such
that logical Volume 0 remains on 0 to 191 PEs and logical volume 1
should start from PE 192 and finishes at PE 223.

I figured it out that for this shuffling of PEs the command should be,

# pvmove -v /dev/hda6:233-264 /dev/hda6:192-223

which gives following error

Finding volume group "VolGroup00"
  No extents available for allocation


# pvmove -v -n /dev/Volgroup00/logVol01 /dev/hda6 /dev/hda6:192-223

which gives following error

  Named LV and old PV must be in the same VG
  pvmove: Move extents from one physical volume to another

in both cases i cant figure out what is the problem as there are PEs
available and also LV and the "old PV" infact are in same VG.

I have also tried the simple command
# pvmove -v -n /dev/Volgroup00/logVol01
which does not give any error, but do nothing as the mapping remains

anybody here to help me out?


On Sun, 06 Feb 2005 07:44:25 -0800, fromkth+lvm fastmail fm said:
> Hi,
> I have one Volume Group and it contains two Logical Volumes.
> There are many free PEs in Volume Group.
> I want to know which PEs inside a Physical Volume(Volume Group) are
> assigned to which Logical Volume.
> So which command shows this.
> Thanks.
> -ajeet.

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