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Re: [linux-lvm] Mapping between PEs and Logical Volumes.

fromkth+lvm fastmail fm wrote:


I have one Volume Group and it contains two Logical Volumes.
There are many free PEs in Volume Group.
I want to know which PEs inside a Physical Volume(Volume Group) are
assigned to which Logical Volume.

So which command shows this.

There is a GUI for LVM2 that is included in the latest Fedora release called system-config-lvm that visually displays the mapping between PVs and LVs. Here is the rpmfind URL:


system-config-lvm has undergone a couple of rounds of QA. It will NOT work with the very latest (lvm2-2.01.03-1.0) LVM2 package, due to a path issue discovered today and being addressed now, but will work just fine between lvm2-2.00.25-1.01 and the version listed above.

This version of system-config-lvm is the first GA version. It is under active development, and near term planned features include support for snapshotting and resizing, as well as fixes for some UI nits. Try it out, and please report any bugs you find or features/changes you would like to see.


-Jim Parsons

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