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Re: [linux-lvm] moving LVM to a new box

If I suppose you can install and boot you old disk in you new system together with the new disk, >you can do the following (I suppose the old disk is /dev/hda with a /dev/hda1 partition, and new >one /dev/sda with a /dev/sda1 partition, I suppose your volume group is vg0):

make backups ;-)

- pvcreate /dev/sda1
- vgextend vg0 /dev/sda1
- move all the lv data with pvmove /dev/hda1.
- vgreduce vg0 /dev/hda2
- you will have to configure lilo/grub to install and point on your new disk.

I've done such a way but it was not with lvm2. Maybe there are some pvmove issues with lvm2.

The new box booted correctly with the old disk.
Loading the necessary modules to be able to access SATA drive (ata_piix.ko).
When I tried to move my PV to a new partition using
pvmove /dev/hda2
I got kernel panic. After reseting I have complitly lost my VG.

What did I wrong?

I forgot to say that my root partition was on the VG I tried to move to the new disk.
Did this cause the problem?

Zoltan Sutto

Ps.: Installing/etc...

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