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[linux-lvm] LVM-Snapshot + dm_crypt


I've got 3 harddisks with 3* 60GB partitions in a software raid 5 (/dev/md0), on this device I have installed a volume group (/dev/data/) and a logical volume mp3-crypt (the -crypt means that it is encrypt with dm_crypt). Now I decrypt the mp3 lv with:
cryptsetup create mp3 /dev/data/mp3-crypt
and then mount it with
mount /dev/mapper/mp3 /mnt/mp3

until now everything works fine, but now I want to create a snapshot of /dev/mapper/mp3.
My idea was that I make a volume group backup and then say: save the snapshot on the volume group, but I have no idea how I can say lvcreate on which volume group it has to save the snapshot.

If I make a
lvcreate -s -nsnap -L1G /dev/data/mp3-crypt
then I have a snapshot but it is encryptet and I can't mount it, even if I make a new cryptsetup for this device, every times mount says: "You must specifes a file system"

if I make a
lvcreate -s -nsnap -L1G /dev/mapper/mp3 (which ist my unencrypted device)
then I get a: "Volume group "mapper" doesn't exist"

How can I make a snapshot of a dm_crypt device?

Distribution is Debian sarge with kernel-2.6.10

Thanks for your help.


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