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[linux-lvm] Suggestion for LVM


first I want to say I like your project and thank everyone, who is involved in this project, you made good work.

But I have one problem with the LVM, I post it hear for some days ("LVM-Snapshot + dm_crypt"), the problem was that I can't made a snapshot of a dm-crypted LVM, then it creates the snapshot, but nothing works. And if I encrypt it on the device /dev/mapper/mp3 then I can't use the Snapshot function because lvcreate can't locate the volume group /dev/mapper, what logical.

Now my suggestion for a new LVM version is, couldn'tyou made it possible that lvcreate get an alternative path for the snapshot volume, now a example how i thought it could work.

pvcreate /dev/md0 //creating a physical volume
vgcreate /dev/data //create a volumegroup
lvcreate -L 8G -nmp3-crypt /dev/data //creating a volume group, everything on this will be crypted
cryptsetup create mp3 /dev/data/mp3-crypt //creating a encrpted device, I use cryptsetup because I don't know how dm_setup works :D
mkfs.xfs -f /dev/mapper/mp3
mount /dev/mapper/mp3 /mnt/mp3
cp -r * /mnt/mp3

if I now make a
lvcreate -s -nsnap /dev/mapper/mp3
then I get a error Message (volume group mapper doesn't exit)
now my idea was that I give lvcreate on which vg the snapscho schould create for example
lvcreate -s -nsnap /dev/mapper/mp3 --snap-vg /dev/data/mp3-snap

is this possible to patch or is there a good reason why this doesn't work, I try to make it my self but my programming skills are not good enough to do this. Could some please made it, or is this senseless.

I hope you understand my problem.

Torben Viets

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