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[linux-lvm] lvm liveCD help needed

Hi people

I have a little problem that I was hoping someone might be able to help
me with.

I 'text mode' installed a FC1 installation and was unable to configure
the volume groups or logical volumes (limitation of text mode :( ...). I
thought "that's ok - I will just create them later!" - and this is where
my problem began :)

I configured the 2 x 200G ide drives with software raid as follows:
/dev/md0 - /boot - 100M
/dev/md1 - /     - 10G
/dev/md2 - swap
/dev/md3 - one big physical volume (lvm) ~185G

The system is installed and I assume that it all went onto /dev/md1.
What I wanted to do was to put /usr, /var, and /home in logical volumes
in one large volume group as such:

/vgRoot/lvUsr - 10G
/vgRoot/lvHome - 20G
/vgRoot/lvVar - 120G
with 30G free for playing around with later

Now ...

I have a gentoo live cd (with lvm support) and I assume this is what I
need to use to 
1. create the volume group vgRoot
2. create the three logical volumes lvUsr, lvHome, lvVar
3. copy /usr, /home, /var from /dev/md1 over to these newly created
logical volumes
4. edit /etc/fstab to reflect the new partition layout
5. reboot and dance around the room with my pants down singing 'oh what
a beautiful morning'

My problem is I don't know how to access the lvm support on the gentoo
live cd and even worse than that - I don't know how to get at my /
partition with the live cd because it is a software raid partition and I
don't know how to go about mounting it.

Any ideas would be much appreciated - and I will promise not to drop my
pants whilst singing if we can get this figured out :)



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