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Re: [linux-lvm] lvm and reducing vols/ext3


OK, but doesn't the same argument apply to non-root file systems? - don't I still have to resize the file system as well as resizing the LV?

I can see that LVs might be quite convenient spread over multiple physical drives but I can't see that much advantage on one drive . .



On 2005.07.16 06:06, Post, Mark K wrote:
I've always recommended not having the root file system on a logical
volume.  For reasons other than this, but my advice still stands.

Mark Post

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I have looked around at the docs and googled and it seems if I want to

reduce a root vol/partition I have to:

- boot on an emergency CD

- resize the root ext3 partition

- reduce the lv

Isn't this process just making the exercise more complicated than it
would have been if I didn't have LVs?



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