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Re: [linux-lvm] lvm lost after reboot !? how to recover UUID?

First figure out if your disks are there: dmesg|grep [sh]d
Check for partitions: fdisk -l
then see whether LVM stuff is there: pvscan ; vgscan
Look at your distro's boot-up process.... maybe you installed a new kernel and forgot to include the initrd that activates the VGs (via: vgchange -a y)
Or maybe you enabled devfs or something, and the discs now show up with a different device path.

kitchhiking.org wrote:


I'm using LVM only for about a month now and it ran flawless until today.

After rebooting the system all my PVs/VGs/LVs were gone, "mount" saying

> mount: /dev/WD2000JB-182GB/srv is not a valid block device

/etc/lvmtab now is an empty file, /etc/lvmtab.d, /etc/lvm/backup and
/etc/lvm/archive are empty as well.

This is strange because etc/lvm/lvm.conf says that backups and archives
should be created but i can't find anything.

What remains are some files in /etc/lvmconf named "WD2000JB-182GB.conf" and
"IBM80G2.conf" and some older versions of those.

I read on the web *) about recovering the data using pvcreate/ vgcfgrestore,
but since "/etc/lvm/backup" and "/etc/lvm/archive" are empty I don't know
how to retrieve the UUIDs of my PVs.

*) http://codeworks.gnomedia.com/archives/2005/general/lvm_recovery/

Of course I don't have any further backup of these, since I first read about their
importance doing that when digging for hints howto recover my data.

(stupid me (tm))

The System is running Debian Sarge stable (2.4.27-2) on a
P3/Intel BX with 3 harddrives attached to it. LVM is Version 1.08

from /etc/fstab:

/dev/WD2000JB-182GB/mld /home/mld auto suid,dev,exec 0 0
/dev/WD2000JB-182GB/srv /srv/foo auto suid,noexec,nodev 0 0
/dev/IBM80G2/costa_home /home/costa auto suid,noexec,nodev 0 0


/dev/WD2000JB-182GB/ is situated on /dev/hda (a 200GB Harddisk)
/dev/IBM80G2/costa_home sits on /dev/hde (an 80GB Harddisk attached to an onboard
HPT366 ATA66 Controller)

pvdisplay /dev/WD2000JB-182GB says:

> cserver:/etc/lvm# pvdisplay /dev/hde
> pvdisplay -- ERROR "pv_read(): pv_create_name_from_kdev_t" no VALID physical volume "/dev/hde"

vgdisplay just returns:

> cserver:/etc/lvm# vgdisplay
> vgdisplay -- no volume groups found

If any of you has a clou how i could recover my data (or just the UUIDs) or
maybe rebuild the LVM I'd be really grateful.

Hope to hear from you,

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Alan W. Jurgensen - Berbee Information Networks - jurgensen berbee com

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