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Re: [linux-lvm] Unusable LV, how to unlock it?

On Thu, Jul 21, 2005 at 02:36:22PM +0000, Andy Smith wrote:
> I believe the "stuck" LV is /dev/mapper/mainvg-adminroot.
> Anyone have any suggestions how I can get use of this LV again
> without rebooting?  Here is the output from "dmsetup info -c":

OK, so after removing a lock file I can run lvs again:

$ sudo lvs -v mainvg/adminroot
    Finding all logical volumes
  LV                VG     #Seg Attr   LSize   Maj Min KMaj KMin Origin Snap%  Move Copy%  LV UUID                            
  admindata         mainvg    1 -wi-a-   5.86G  -1  -1 254  42                             cCHdlP-bllQ-Nt50-aJAN-hLrq-bjUk-K7jCsP
  adminroot         mainvg    1 -wi-ao 500.00M  -1  -1 254  38                             CjHGy8-QpGK-oH35-P5U5-8Di1-NKeY-speIR2
  adminswap         mainvg    1 -wi-a- 256.00M  -1  -1 254  43                             8Q2Z20-jIew-K2Vd-t47K-n4IO-6KBI-28PIAm

LV 'adminroot' is not mounted anywhere, yet it is marked as open.
Any time I do try to mount it, the mount process gets stuck in stat
D+.  Neither lvs nor dmsetup info show any snapshots of this LV.
lvchange gives the following:

$ sudo lvchange -v --refresh mainvg/adminroot
    Using logical volume(s) on command line
    Refreshing logical volume "adminroot" (if active)
    Found volume group "mainvg"
  device-mapper ioctl cmd 6 failed: Invalid argument
  Couldn't suspend device 'mainvg-adminroot'

I've scheduled a reboot in about 4 hours anyway.


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