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Re: [linux-lvm] How to recover data corrupted by vgcreate

I'm not familiar exactly with how the metadata gets laid on disk, but I would think you could just 'vgcreate vg_name /dev/hdd2' (you did this already) then 'lvcreate -n <lvname> -l <max size> vg_name'... This of course assumes that the previous lv resided wholly on /dev/hdd2. Then try mounting the new lv and see what happens.


On Jul 26, 2005, at 11:57 AM, 張廷州 wrote:


I have a Linux PC with Fedora C3 installed.
The disk was partitioned automatically when Linux was installed.
So, LVM2 partition was created.
The CPU is damaged today and I move the disk to another Linux PC and try to read data out.
The disk is connected to device /dev/hdd. /dev/hdd2 is the LVM2 partition.
But, I do a stupid thing. I invoke vgcreate command on /dev/hdd2.

vgcreate vg_name /dev/hdd2

The partition seems to be lost.
How can I recover the data in /dev/hdd2?
It's very important data to me.
Thanks for any help.

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