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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM help needed: conflicting names

have you tried:

$ man vgrename

       vgrename - rename a volume group

       vgrename renames an existing (see vgcreate(8) ) volume group

       "vgrename /dev/vg02 /dev/my_volume_group" renames existing volume 
group "vg02" to "my_volume_group".

       "vgrename vg02 my_volume_group" does the same.


On 5, Jun, 2005, Neil declared:

> [Sorry about the dup; sent this to redhat-list earlier but just
>  discovered this list which the more appropriate place.]
> Hi-
> I lost a machine (bad PS or MB -- disk is fine) and am trying to
> bring up the disk in a second machine in order to access certain
> filesystems from it.  The second machine's disk has a single
> volume group 'vg0' containing several logical volumes, 'root',
> 'usr', 'home', etc (/boot is its own primary partition).
> Unfortunately the disk from the dead machine is configured almost
> identically, with a single 'vg0' volume group and some logical
> partitions of the same name.
> Booting with both disks in the machine fails; it gets totally
> confused about which /dev/vg0/root (for example) it is supposed
> to be using.  I think I can configure lvm.conf so that the second
> disk is ignored by pvscan/vgscan during bootup, but I'm still
> stuck on how to actually mount any of the second disk's LVM 
> filesystems because of the name clashes.  Somehow I'd like to
> rename the volume group on the second disk to 'vg1', for example.
> Anybody have any ideas?
> Thanks!
>   Neil <nnc newmexico com>
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