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Re: [linux-lvm] lvcreate goes into deep-sleep while creating an xfs snapshot

Sven Riedel schrieb:
I'm creating a backup script for a database using lvm snapshots.
The script ran fine for a few test runs, then I added xfs_freeze -f just before the lvcreate command, as per HOWTO recipe. Now
lvcreate went into deep-sleep and wont wake up:

update:~/bin# ps ax | grep lvcreate
25053 pts/2 D<L+ 0:00 lvcreate -s -L 55M -n tables_snap /dev/database_vg/tables_lv

Running lvdisplay in a different terminal to see if lvm itself
is still seeing all LVs results in lvdisplay going into deep-sleep mode as well. Doing an strace -p 25053 doesn't display anything (strace won't catch my interrupts
either, but according to ps it's in a regular sleep).

dmesg doesn't say anything to this situation.

Is there a known issue with snapshots and xfs_freeze? Any way I can gather pertinent debugging info?

I'm running lvm 2.01.04 (package from debian unstable).

The HOWTO is way old, with LVM2 the XFS filesystem is 'frozen' automaticly on the mount -onouuid,ro ( not quite sure, but probably also for LVM1 ..., think it's in the XFS code ).
So, forget xfs_freeze. It's freezing your box, not your filesystems.

XFS-Guys: shouldn't xfs_freeze be removed from xfs_cmds? It's doing more harm than use ( if any use at all ), so ...
Mit freundlichen GrĂ¼ssen / best regards

Klaus Strebel, Dipl.-Inform. (FH), mailto:klaus strebel gmx net

/ \

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