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Re: [linux-lvm] PV segments corrupted in vg1 : LVM corrupted

On Wed, Jun 22, 2005 at 09:37:13PM +1000, Jeff Ewing wrote:
> After removing some logical volumes (backup,etc) and extending home
> logical volume, data in the whole volume group (vg1) has become
> corrupted: Root logical volume is mounted at boot time, but am unable
> to mount any other logical volumes in that volume group (var,home etc)
> after reboot.
> pvscan displays :  PV segment VG free_count mismatch: 0 != 4294966485
>   Internal error: PV segments corrupted in vg1.
>   No matching physical volumes found
> vgdisplay, vgchange,vgscan display similiar message.
> Using 2 IDE drives, with 2 meta disks on each (mirrored across the drives).
> 1 meta disk contains boot
> 1 meta disk contains  LVM - 1 volume group, logical volumes for
> root,swap,var,usr,home
> vgcfgrestore fails.
> /etc/lvm/backup/vg1 contains (english) description of last known state of the 
> logical volumes.  
> /etc/lvmconf/vg1.conf  is a binary file (may be out of date)
> /etc/lvmtab.d/vg1 appears to be the same binary file above (may be out of date)
> System is Debian Unstable, running lvm2,udev,device mapper, kernel
> 2.6.8 compiled from Debian source. System appeared stable for 1 week
> after lvm changes, but failed on reboot.

Was your VG made with LVM1?  There has been a report similar to this one on
the list about LVM1 formatted VGs not working with the latest version of lvm2
> 1. What command can be used to recreate the vg1.conf binary file from
> the english description backup? (vg1.conf modification date is older
> than changes)

This is an lvm1 file - all lvm2 files are in /etc/lvm/
> 2. What is the VG free count and how can it be reset to 0?
> 3. What other tools available to fix broken lvm.

You could try going back to an older version of the lvm2 tools and see if it
fixes things.

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