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[linux-lvm] Partition table gone? Any way to restore?


I just moved my HDD's from the onboard IDE controller to a PCI controller, the HighPoint RocketRaid454. Since one of the harddisk once, a long time ago, was hooked up to an identical raid controller and had a raid created on it, the rocketraid for some reason found it. Even though it shouldn't have been there anymore to my knowlegde.

The raid controller complained about a corrupt volume and destroyed it. It was done within a blink of an eye. (So i don't think everything is wiped.

However LVM can't find my VG anymore. fdisk -l /dev/hde shows me that there simply isn't anything on it. Where as fdisk -l /dev/hdg tells me "Disk /dev/hdg doesn't contain a valid partition table" as I would have expected.

First thing came to mind was to check via vgcfgrestore if it could do anything. However I get this error:
root enterprise:/etc/lvmconf# vgcfgrestore -l -n vg00
vgcfgrestore -- INFO: using backup file "/etc/lvmconf/vg00.conf"
vgcfgrestore -- ERROR: different structure size stored in "/etc/lvmconf/vg00.conf" than expected in file vg_cfgrestore.c [line 120]
vgcfgrestore -- ERROR "vg_cfgrestore(): read" restoring volume group "vg00"

I don't think I have ever changed the version installed so don't see where this error is coming from. (The *.conf files apprear to be from late last night, so are quite 'new')

I don't want to recreate the volume on /dev/hde because i don't want to loose the information on there. Since as mentioned the operation was over quite swiftly I doubt the entire disk is gone, only the partition table itself, or whatever LVM creates.

Thus my question, what can I do to restore my LVM!

Thanks a lot in advance,


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