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Re: [linux-lvm] Partition table gone? Any way to restore?

Le 02.03.2005 20:26:22, oliver a écrit :
Thanks! However the partition is fine and fit so I should be able to dd everything off of it.

The output of gpart was the following:
root enterprise:~# gpart -w hmlvm,1.5 /dev/hde

Begin scan...
Possible partition(ReiserFS filesystem), size(50431mb), offset(14mb)

* Warning: short read near sector(120103011), 64512 bytes instead of 66048. Skipp
End scan.

Checking partitions...
Partition(Linux ext2 filesystem): primary

Guessed primary partition table:
Primary partition(1)
  type: 131(0x83)(Linux ext2 filesystem)
  size: 50431mb #s(103284656) s(29799-103314454)
  chs:  (29/9/1)-(1023/15/63)d (29/9/1)-(102494/7/62)r

Primary partition(2)
  type: 000(0x00)(unused)
  size: 0mb #s(0) s(0-0)
  chs:  (0/0/0)-(0/0/0)d (0/0/0)-(0/0/0)r
<snip> part 3 and 4 where 'unused'.

Now gpart found something, however not the missing LVM PV i was hoping. Or atleast, I don't think so. I will google around to see how to make a 1 on 1 copy of this disk, and then try to write it. I'll report back. In the mean time, keep those ideas comming : )

Just an idea, be careful, it is not the *truth* as I have not tested it yet.

Here is what I *think* :
The partition type is no matter for lvm.
Recover the partition as you like then do a fdisk to change the partition type to 8E ... and see (or pray)


( ... ]

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