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[linux-lvm] Some general questions ..


we're currently planing to update our old HPUX (5 years old)file server.
In the moment one machine is handling all 10TB of file systems.
The storage is attached using a san (2 Brocades + 2 EMC Clarrion4700)
Backupserver and the tape library are also within the san.

We are only using nfs and samba in the moment.

I'm currently thinking about a setup where 3 linux machines
are handling all lv. First breaking everything into three vg, each one
attached to one node, but visible on all nodes.

So would it be possible to import some dedicated devices
(all luns from the vg), while other luns are localy active
and others are active on the third node ?

If just a pvscan is execute what is happening to "normaly"
working vg's  ?

Is it planed to mirroring of lv onto other devices within
th vg ?

Who has a good concept for BIG file servers ?   ;)
(Maybe we have to extend it to 50->100TB for a new linux cluster...)

Thanks for your help !
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Biogeochemie
Dr. Peer-Joachim Koch
Hans-Knöll Str.10            Telefon: ++49 3641 57-6705
D-07745 Jena                 Telefax: ++49 3641 57-7705
fn:Peer-Joachim Koch
org;quoted-printable:MPI f=C3=BCr Biogeochemie;DVA
adr:;;Hans-Knoell-Str. 10;Jena;;07745;Germany
email;internet:pkoch bgc-jena mpg de
tel;work:+49 3641 576705
tel;fax:+49 3641 577705

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