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[linux-lvm] Fixed. But what are PV# and Cur LV in pvdata?

After spending hours trying to figure out what values to put where, all the data seems to be reconstructed. I ran a reiserfsck on all partitions and everything was Okay.

I'm stuck however with the PV# and Cur LV reported by pvdata. I kinda 'guessed' them. The PV# was easyer to guess I think, as PV#'s apear to be unique. (comparing between my two LVM setups they both where, with the exception of the missing PV# of course). However the Cur LV i wans't sure what to put there. I now used a Unique identifier for it. E.g. On the other two it said 1 resp. 3 so I took 2 for my missing one. The rest I just copied the values from the other two PV structures. The PV Size I did some math on, Total - 2others, converted to hex, swapped bytes and put in same location as the other two had them. The other 'size' looking element was coincidently PV Size+1, so i did that also.

Also it appears to me that in lvm2 that doesn't even matter anyhow.

Anyway, If any of you have any clue what the PV# and Cur LV are, please, let me know.

I hope this post will help someone out there reading some archives some time : )


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