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Re: Re: [linux-lvm] mirroring in LVM2

I am trying to implement the concept of RAID 1 that is the mirroring in the
LVM2 on 2.6.7 kernel version. LVM2 is implemented with the help of the
device-mapper. What is the exact reason for adding the device mapper in 2.6
kernel source tree and throwing LVM2 out of kernel source tree.


"LVM general discussion and development" wrote:

 Le 02.03.2005 09:49:17, pritambhavsar a écrit :
 > Hello to all
 > I am new to LVM2 and trying do the mirroring, please tell me how to
 > do that.

 As mirroring is not yet available in lvm, you have to install a lvm
 over a raid1.

 > I have Fedora Core 2 with LVM2 2.00.25.
 > -Pritam


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