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[linux-lvm] Can't find physical volume / vgcfgrestore not helping

	I am having problems with my LVM setup.  I recently had to reboot my
machine and when it came back my, my LVM is not mounting.  It is currently
only a one-drive setup (was going to add more drives to LVM eventually).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Most of this data is backed up,
however there are a significant number of photos that can't be replaced from
a recent event.  If anyone could point me in the right direction for
something to try that I've missed, it would be greatly appreciated.

pvscan, lvscan, vgscan, and lvmdiskscan all report nothing useable.

I have a current backup in /etc/lvm/backup/media_vg

# vgcfgrestore -vv media_vg

      Setting global/locking_type to 1
      Setting global/locking_dir to /var/lock/lvm
      File-based locking enabled.
      Locking /var/lock/lvm/P_orphans WB
      Locking /var/lock/lvm/V_media_vg W
      /dev/hda1: No label detected
      /dev/hda2: No label detected
      /dev/hda3: No label detected
      /dev/hdb1: No label detected
      /dev/hda1: No label detected
      /dev/hda2: No label detected
      /dev/hda3: No label detected
      /dev/hdb1: No label detected
  Couldn't find device with uuid 'Hot5vl-31e1-MI0e-MbAD-ZNjY-WGFs-6LyVgG'.
  Couldn't find all physical volumes for volume group media_vg.
      Unlocking /var/lock/lvm/V_media_vg
      Unlocking /var/lock/lvm/P_orphans
  Restore failed.

# fdisk -l /dev/hdb
   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System
/dev/hdb1               1       14593   117218241   83  Linux

(Is that a proper Id? Plus, looking at my media_vg backup, I don't believe
there should be a partition because the hint is /dev/hdb, not /dev/hdb1)

# parted /dev/hdb print
Disk geometry for /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target1/lun0/disc: 0.000-114473.460
Disk label type: msdos
Minor    Start       End     Type      Filesystem  Flags
1          0.031 114470.969  primary

And finally, my /etc/lvm/backup/media_vg

# Generated by LVM2: Sat Jan 24 11:14:02 2004

contents = "Text Format Volume Group"
version = 1

description = "Created *after* executing 'lvcreate -l 28618 media_vg -n

creation_host = "rocky" # Linux rocky 2.6.2-rc1 #1 Thu Jan 22 01:07:01 EST
2004 i686
creation_time = 1074960842      # Sat Jan 24 11:14:02 2004

media_vg {
        id = "qwA0eK-7qJo-Y5pL-w0Wi-mvIT-bqaY-fsmVWz"
        seqno = 2
        status = ["RESIZEABLE", "READ", "WRITE"]
        extent_size = 8192              # 4 Megabytes
        max_lv = 255
        max_pv = 255

        physical_volumes {

                pv0 {
                        id = "Hot5vl-31e1-MI0e-MbAD-ZNjY-WGFs-6LyVgG"
                        device = "/dev/hdb"     # Hint only

                        status = ["ALLOCATABLE"]
                        pe_start = 384
                        pe_count = 28618        # 111.789 Gigabytes

        logical_volumes {

                media_lv {
                        id = "uUGJw0-TaGx-nFKh-SZKI-94cU-oadb-3BNzXU"
                        status = ["READ", "WRITE", "VISIBLE"]
                        segment_count = 1

                        segment1 {
                                start_extent = 0
                                extent_count = 28618    # 111.789 Gigabytes

                                type = "striped"
                                stripe_count = 1        # linear

                                stripes = [
                                        "pv0", 0

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