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[linux-lvm] FC3 does not recognize LVM from FC1


I have a working FC1 system with an LVM1 volume group (with non-system files on it) on 2 physical volumes with 1 logical volume.

I tried to migrate that FC1 system to FC3 by restoring the backup (with mondorescue) from another FC3 system.

After restoring, the system booted OK but did not find my VG. pvscan found LVM on the 2 physical volumes, but said, they were part of 0 VGs. vgscan found nothing.

After some fiddling and googling, I gave up and restored FC1 on the system. Now FC1 did not find my VG either. Luckily, I could restore the LVM config data with vcfgrestore.

Now, what went wrong here or what should I have done?

I could do a fresh FC3 install and hopefully (as I have read somewhere) Anaconda would find my VG, but then I would have to completely configure (install additional software etc.) the system and I'd rather use the readily configured FC3 backup.

If Anaconda can do that, maybe I could do something manually? Like, maybe, after booting FC3 restoring the LVM1 config from the FC1 backup?



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