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[linux-lvm] ia64bit Clustered

Dear LVM subscribers.

I just subscribe to this list. I was just wondering if any of you can kindly assist me. I have 3 questions but even if you can answer only one of my question I would be very grateful.

We are in the middle of clustering Oracle server running Itanium 64 bit Redhat Advanced Server 3. From what I know, RHAS 3 has LVM version 1.

1.  I was looking into the possibility of setting up an LVM in the clustered server (even if we are the first organization in the world that done this). Is there any other organization or anybody that have done this before ?

2.  I read RAC Best Practice using Oracle 10G and it mention about LVM is not cluster-aware (page 11). What does it mean ?

3.  My plan is like this. I would just leave these partition and folders to it default filesystem, ext3:-

These partition below would be setup as LVM:-

This is because in /home and /root, our users usually like to save their backups and did not removed it afterwards. Usually we got / partition full as a result.


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