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[linux-lvm] LVM2 development release 2.01.10

This is the first in a series of a development releases, version 2.01.10.

NB If you want stability, stick with version 2.01.09 until all
these changes have settled down.

As well as a few minor bug fixes, there are a few new features and 
some significant internal code changes.  Please use this mailing 
list to report any bugs you find.

  Don't create backup and archive dirs till needed.
  Reinstate full PV size when removing from VG.
  Support loopfiles for testing.
  Tidy lv_segment interface.
  pv_segment support.
  vgchange --physicalextentsize
  Internal snapshot restructuring.
  Remove unused internal non-persistent snapshot option.
  Allow offline extension of snapshot volumes.
  Move from 2-step to 3-step on-disk metadata commit.
  Scan ramdisks too and allow non-O_DIRECT fallback.
  Annotate, tidy and extend list.h.
  Alignment tidying.
  Make clvmd work around some "bugs" in gulm's node state notifications.
  Tidy clvmd's SIGHUP handler

New features:
  vgchange --physicalextentsize 
    - changes the PE size in a VG
    - only works if everything is already aligned so no data needs moving

  pvs --segments 
    (cf. the existing 'lvs -o +devices' )

  lvm.conf device/loopfiles
    - a list of existing files to use as if they were block devices
    - the list is in addition to the filtered list of block devices
    - only meant for testing purposes - avoids reconfiguring block devices

agk redhat com

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