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Re: [linux-lvm] help

Hello Colm,

On Thursday 05 May 2005 14:26, Colm G. Connolly wrote:
> I've just got a new 250G hard drive and have been trying to add it to an
> [...]
>    482  mount
>    483  df -h
> At this point I got a bit concerned that I had added 250G to the logical
> volume but pvdisplay only reported a capicity of 232.88G even though hdd
> is a 250G hard drive. So I started to try to remove the

I know that this is *not* your main concern but I think it worth noting that 
the size of your 250G harddisk was correctly reported as being 232.88G. The 
reason being that harddisk vendors use 1G = 1000^3 while computer science 
defines 1G = 1024^3. (Note: I think there are some standard definition by the 
IEEE(?) but I don't have a URL for that.)

So 250*1000^3 = ~ 232.8*1024^3

Wish you all the luck for the problems remaining!

Kind regards
Martin Eisenhardt

Dipl.Wirtsch.Inf.(Univ.) Martin Eisenhardt

Bamberg University
Media Informatics
D - 96045 Bamberg

fon: +49 (951) 863 - 2856
fax: +49 (951) 863 - 2852

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