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Re: [linux-lvm] help


On 5/5/05, Diaz Rodriguez, Eduardo <ediaz pk25 com> wrote:
> # From LVM how to
> xfs
> There is no way to shrink XFS file systems.
> If your are touch lvm2 you must know that about 250Gx1000 and 233x1024.
> try use xfs_repair -n for see the reparis..

I don't think that's an issue here because the history that was posted
did not include an xfs_grow after he grew the LV. As such this should
IMO be a pure LVM issue, because XFS was not grown.

> I use (but it is only a personal opinion, this is very dangerous)
> (use again the first commands).
> vgextend my_volume_group /dev/hdc1
> lvextend -L250G /dev/HOME_VG/HOME_LV
> lvscan

Hmm, I agree that it sounds a bit "dangerous" but it might be worth a shot.

> In this point use xfs_repair -n
> If you see good, use xfs_repair (pray)....
> if you don't have luck try xfs_repair -d (after of this reboot) (read man
> xfs_repair)
> try to mount. (pray again).....

See above, should not be necessary.


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